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1.   Return Policy

1.1     If a user can return a product within 7 days from the time of delivery:

A)      The product does not meet the expectations of the user.

B)      Damaged during delivery.

C)      There are doubts about the quality and quantity of the product.

D)      Obtained in unhealthy / unexpected condition.

E)      Not satisfied with the packaging.

F)       The product is not usable.

We are monitoring customer accounts with additional returns and return requests. We do not have the necessary steps to prevent it.

1.2     A user can return 20% or less of an unchanged or defective item within 7 days of receipt. However, the following products may not be eligible for refund or replacement:

A)      Damage due to misuse of the product

B)       Accidental damage due to defective product

C)       Any usable / usable item

D)      Tempered or missing serial / UPC numbered products

E)       Any damage / defect not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty

F)        Not all other items included in the box, original packaging and accessories including the manufacturer’s packaging and the product originally supplied

2.    Refund Policy

2.1      ES Trading makes every effort to serve users. However, if in any case we fail to fulfill our promise or provide the service, we will notify you within 48 hours by phone / text / email. If ES Trading fails to complete the service, if a refund is required, it will be maximized within 7 days of our acceptance.

2.2      Refund requests will be processed in the following situations:

A)       Unable to serve with any product.

B)       Customer returns any product from a payable order

C)       The customer cancels any payment before placing the order

In all three of the above cases the refund amount will be sent to the customer’s ES trading balance. And the balance can only be used to buy ES Trading. At the request of the customer, the amount of ES Trading Refund will be transferred to the source of the actual payment of the user within a few days of the ref. Only bKash or card or other electronic payments are allowed to be refunded. For cash orders, refunds are given via ES Trading Credits only

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