Farlin Teething Partners Puzzle Gum Soother (BBS-004)

Farlin Teething Partners Puzzle Gum Soother (BBS-004)


Uniquely shaped: Reaches baby’s back of mouth perfectly.
Lightweight design and curved handle makes it easy for small babies to hold.
Softness suitable for baby’s teeth development.
Massage-Bubble design.
The fun shapes and colors also stimulate the baby’s senses and fine motor skilIs.

Title: Farlin Getting teeth Accomplices Puzzle Gum Soother
Brand: Farlin
Item Code BBS-004
Nation of Origin Taiwan


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Farlin Teething Partners Puzzle Gum Soother (BBS-004)

Interestingly molded: Arrives at child’s back of mouth impeccably.
Lightweight plan and bended handle makes it simple for little children to hold.
Delicateness reasonable for child’s teeth advancement.
Rub Air pocket plan.
The tomfoolery shapes and tones additionally animate the child’s faculties and fine engine skilIs.

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