Farlin Stretchy Anti-Fur Nipple

Farlin Stretchy Anti-Fur Nipple XL (2 Pcs)(AC-21011)


Farlin Stretchy Anti-Fur Nipple XL- AC-21011
Brand: Farlin
Country Origin: Taiwan
Fosters sanitary workmanship that avoids compromising the young one’s health \scot-free material enables for safer usage
Attuned with resolute material that proffers extended usage
Unique stripes design facilitates the continuous flow of fluids
The strengthened ring guarantees more durable for nipple hole

Title: Farlin Stretchy Enemy of Fur Areola XL (2 computers)
Brand: Farlin
Material Silicone
Colour Clean
Use For Baby
Item Quality High Quality
Nation of Origin Taiwan
Gender Unisex
Age 9Months+
Safety BPA and BPS free.


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Farlin Stretchy Anti-Fur Nipple XL (2 Pcs)(AC-21011)

Cultivates clean craftsmanship that tries not to influence the little one’s sans health.bpa material takes into consideration more secure utilize Adjusted with unfaltering material that proffers broad utilization.Unique stripes configuration helps the steady progression of liquid.The supported ring guarantees more strong for areola opening.

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