Farlin Stretchy Anti-Fur Nipple L (2 Pcs)- Anti Colic Fur Preventing Nipple

Farlin Stretchy Anti-Fur Nipple L (2 Pcs)(AC-21011)


Farlin Stretchy Anti-Fur Nipple L- AC-21011
Brand: Farlin
Country Origin: Taiwan
Fosters sanitary workmanship that avoids compromising the young one’s health \sBPA-free material enables for safer usage
Attuned with resolute material that proffers extended usage
Unique stripes design facilitates the continuous flow of fluids
The strengthened ring guarantees more durable for nipple hole


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Farlin Stretchy Anti-Fur Nipple L (2 Pcs)(AC-21011)

Unique reinforced circle configuration on top is more strong for cross cut.
Extended air valve on base takes into account steady progression of fluid and less ingestion of air, so forestalls colic.
The special plan in areola to keep steady progression of milk, assists with forestalling colic.

Farlin is a child care item brand from Taiwan. It was laid out on Taiwan’s West Coast in 1972 with very nearly fifty years of history. FARLIN’s immediate interpretation is Hwa-Lin, and that implies a regard for bright history. It likewise has the organization’s honest goal for child care items with the assumption for an upbeat, solid, and effortless development for small kids. Additionally, it incorporates the limitless expectation for the infants’ future.

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